Thursday, August 6, 2009

Love at hammersmith bridge,London

Marilyn in the early hours,London

Liberty, London's pride.

First time I saw/visited liberty was 3 years ago when my good friend Simon proudly introduced me to this magic and very different department store, with the words; the building is older than the U.S. My favorite destination for shopping in London, the best brands, cosy atmosphere, and charming floors like old dapper mansions have, beautiful experience!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hermes on leather at Mews

Every girl should own at least one Hermes scarf, according to my friend Ana , and I agree, they are beautiful, timeless and never goes out of fashion!

Beers and Pal Zileri at Mews

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

At the Pub

The cosiness of a good Pub in London with your friend around you, is love and joy, even though I still haven't found my own real local yet. I guess I have to keep "pubing"

Pal Zileri suit and Hogan sneaks.

I like London in the Rain.

I like the silhouettes, glow and shadows from this rainy summer night.

Hey Monkey lets funky

Road is closed... In soho

Vino is good for you

174 Walton Street

Acid Manga.... On Walton Street

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Walton Street

My good friend Ana lives on this little phenomenon of a street in the heart of Knights bridge. I enjoy walking around here and get inspired by the quiet and luxurious atmosphere.
Walton street has everything, a few but very good bars/clubs/restaurants, designer shops, and galleries all surrounded by beautiful architecture, white buildings and walls and more white. Maybe my favorite street in London!

Lennox Gardens....... I want to live here some day.

Another incredible cosy little Mews, typically London


London summer is beautiful

"Fixie Mania"

The fixie's and single speeds are taking over the world, k's Vintage Releigh and J's Charge inside our flat, Love it:)

Knights-bridge tube station.

The station is always incredible busy in the morning, mostly because of Harrods which is placed on the footstep of the tube, but this morning everyone had decided to take it easy and walk properly without rushing, maybe because it was sunday?

Glow in the night

A peacefully monday night on Palliser road.

My window

Pictures explain more than 1000 words!

Pipes in Mayfair

I don't know why but engineer work in big cities, have always fascinated me, next year miu miu will open a new store on this corner

Can I get your number?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Beautiful London

Couple in Love at the themes, Hammersmith! I really like the summer in London